Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why did the fox cross the road?

Why did the fox cross the road? Answer: To find a concrete free area to roam  I witnessed this firsthand this morning and it broke my heart, and brought about an epiphany that I believe will change my life forever. Let me elaborate before you judge me as being melodramatic. See I've lived on the Northwest side of Houston in the "burbs" for a quarter of a century and over time have see the terrain change rather drastically. I guess you could call it Urban Sprawl! The fox ran across 6 lanes of concrete this morning with fear and confusion allover it's furry face. That same road was once a dirt road that became a two lane road, then 4 then 6 lanes of pure tree and grass free highway, also known as Hwy 6 North. When as a newlyweds my husband and I moved to Copperfield it was a new community with only 1 Mexican restaurant, 1 seafood restaurant, a gas station and a Kroger. Life was simply perfect! When I saw that fox running for it's life this morning a single tear fell from my eye and my stomach ached. What have we done, I asked myself. I say "we" because all of us are responsible for wanting more, bigger, better, now, now, now! I was planning on stopping buy the store to buy a new top for this weekend. Did I need another black top? No. Do I have many black tops and a closet full of clothes most of which I never wear? Yes. I suddenly was not in the mood for shopping. Instead I wanted to turn around, pick up that wild fox (not recommended) and release him into an area lush with grass, trees, bushes and friends for him to play with...This is the part where you will think I am crazy, in that moment I decided  I would only carry recycled, up cycled, vintage clothing and accessories in my store. We have a wonderful new artist in our store named B. Artise who wrote the book, Born Again Vintage. Bridgett reconstructs old clothing to make it new and fashionable. I starting wondering wear my sewing machine was at home and all the great outfits I could make from all the tops, pants, dresses and skirts already existing in my closet and drawers. You are probably wondering what reconstructing clothes has to do with Urban Sprawl, and a wild fox crossing the road....well I will tell you that if we take the blinders off and start paying attention to our surroundings, what we buy, how we live our lives and how daily decision's we make CAN and DO make a difference in the world around us maybe the air will be cleaner, our water will be purer, our family will be healthier and the creatures that God put on this earth will be able to continue to roam, eat, and live as they were intended. That's all...just think about it!

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